Friday, August 22, 2008

Rigid Heddle looms- the next big thing

Yes you heard it here, rigid heddle looms are the next big thing in fibre works. I knew it three years ago when Ashford came out with their Knitter's Loom. Very smart I thought, to get in on the scarf craze, and snap up all those new knitters, and excited experienced knitters. The weaving wave is is up and let's hope it keeps on going for a long while. With time and energy in such short supply these days, but the desire to find creativity and beauty in our lives, how perfect is the much overlooked rigid heddle. You only have to look at
to see how the rigid heddle group has taken off. The Ashford rigid heddle looms of all sizes and models are walking out of my shop, with their new owners so excited about a new creative outlet for themselves as well as another way to eat away at their yarn stashes. I love the fact that I'm recruiting new weavers one, sometimes, two at a time.

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