Tuesday, April 10, 2007

In Sheep's Clothing Fibre Arts Studio is Open!

After 10 years at the Wool Connection, I am going it on my own! This all started because I still wanted to continue teaching weaving and selling looms, so now I have the whole thing, knitting yarns, bamboo needles, great pattern books from very cool companies like Maggie Knits, and Ella Rae. I plan on getting in the Maggie Knits yarns as well, as J. Knits, gorgeous, wools, mohairs and silk all beautifully hand dyed. I also am carrying a gorgeous aran weight kid mohair and a machine washable dk weight merino from Sublime, with really lovely pattern books.
I just got in great ceramic buttons for the perfect finishing touch for those special sweaters or handwovens.
Being an Ashford dealer, I have all the products availabe for sale , as well as looms and wheels on the floor ready to give a test drive.
I have a nice selection of knitting and weaving publications as well.
So when I'm not helping customers choosing their projects, you will find me behind the loom, creating new handwovens for sale.