Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Weaving on my Ashford 32" rigid heddle loom

What's in a name?

The name of my blog, Loominations is a homage to my husband Art. I'm not normally a fan of made up words but is an exception.The name came when Art popped his head in my workroom and asked me what I was "loominating". It tickled me that this should even occur to him, as well as his interest in what I was doing. So "loominating" has become part of my weaving life, and it only follows that the fruits of my labor are my "loominations". Art is one of my biggest fans, always cheering me on.
My Ashford 8-shaft loom was a Christmas present to me from him several years ago, which I put together that very afternoon, but it took me till that summer to get the nerve up to "really " weave on it. I'm sure Art was thinking, that it was just going to sit there. Well now you can't keep me off it, Art teasing me that I spent the day loominating instead of getting any housework done.
Although I have technically been weaving on and off for over 15 years, I consider myself a a very advanced beginner.When I see the work that is being done on a regular basis by weavers out there, I'm just amazed, and humbled. This past year I have really been concentrating on some basic weaving, trying to just get real good technique under my belt. I am very tempted to try everything under the sun, but I really feel that this is good for me right now. ( of course this doesn't mean I won't forget myself and run headlong off into something"new" from time to time!)
I have currently been working on some woven tote bags, a result of a past weaving fiasco. I find most often that my best results have been from miscalculations. Math has always been a challenge for me, so I guess this is good for me as well.

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